Add a little spark to your next cocktail by floating a few New Road Brinery Zesty Cocktail beans in your Bloody Mary or martini . You can also add some brine just to dirty things up a bit. Or just snack away right from the jar. The gentle heat and snap will have you wanting more.


Dill is possibly the most popular of all the herbs used to flavor the brine for pickles, and for good reason. Dill has been a favorite of pickle fans for generations. The classic herbal flavor of dill combined with fresh garlic and a mixture of brining spices is a perfect match. It is always so satisfying to snap into a crisp dill pickle. The lip smacking acidity of the brine pulls all other flavors together into a great pickle experience.


There is the sweet pickle camp and a sour pickle camp. There is also a growing number of people who prefer a spicy spear. So flavoring the brine with fresh habanero peppers is just what the doctor ordered. Just a few slices per jar provides a pickle that leaves a gentle lingering heat that will last just long enough for you to crave that next bite . During the growing season of June through late October our Zesty Habanero pickles are flavored with habanero peppers that are grown in our own garden.


Pickle brine is a wonderful thing. The perfect brine has the ability to coax the flavors and richness from herbs and spices as they mingle in the jar. In the case of our Lime Tarragon pickles you'll recognize a nice citrusy burst of flavor immediately after the first bite which is then followed by the sweet flavor of licorice and then that bracing acidity of the brine.